Episode 004 – Wendy May

Living On-Purpose

My guest today is Wendy May, a purpose guide, an author, speaker, teacher, socially responsible entrepreneur, and self-described: “former corporate climber and recovering achievement addict.” She recently came out with a book titled Regenerative Purpose. Wendy is a master at translating her experience into insightful and applicable tools for connecting with what is important in life, and although she has so much experience and wisdom, she continues to approach life with humility as she evolves and grows, which I think makes what she has to say even more significant for us to learn from.

I hope you enjoy!

I ran into Wendy at a local shop after reading her book


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Show Notes

“If we’re doing what we need to do for our own healing and evolution that will naturally be of service . . . because when we’re doing our own work, we’re also doing work for the collective.”

Intention and Surrender – Masculine and Feminine


Suffering for achievement -> What you love to do? -> what you do from love

Flow state

Mandala meditation

  • Creating without planning
  • Being in acceptance of anything that is unplanned, not seeing it as a mistake

Nourishing oneself, self-care

“Purpose is practice”

  • Not something you achieve once and you’re done
  • It’s naturally dynamic and ever-changing

How do you know when it’s time to rest and time to act?

  • Notice how you feel
  • Question your conditioning – it’s not natural to always be on and push
  • Be receptive to signals, without striving

What is success?

  • Cultivating a feeling state of acceptance, non-attachment
    • Spaciousness, awareness of life
    • Peace and acceptance with whatever is happening
    • Loving awareness of the process of being a human being
  • Success can be quitting
    • What is your growth edge?

Spiritual bypass – Using spiritual ideas and practices to not face or work with unresolved and emotional issues, wounds

Privilege – we all have unique life assignments and we owe it to humanity to embrace our gifts and do the best we can with them

  • Purpose is not only for privileged people
  • Don’t let privilege disguise the fact that we all have value and we all have something to learn from each other, no matter what

Hero’s Journey

Useful modalities to heal and grow:






Plant Medicine

  • Useful for reconnecting with ourselves and looking at our shadow
  • Disconnect from the usual circumstance in order to gain perspective, space and clarity


  • 3 centers – belly, heart, head – you need all of them aligned to be a whole human being

Heart-informed discernment

  • Mind connect to heart

How do you begin to live with more balance and connect your heart and mind?

  1. Intentionally create space in your life
  2. Devotional decision-making – making choices based on values, is my heart involved in the choosing?

Purpose can take many forms and different time scales

Fear is normal – I am alive PAIN – Personally Activating INformation

“What is the experience of being ‘on purpose’?  It’s being fully alive, fully aligned, accepting of yourself, feeling that you are part of this bigger picture.”

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