Episode 003 – John Slattery

Softening At the Heart

Today my guest is John Slattery, a Bioregional Herbalist. John has followed an unconventional path to becoming a professional herbalist. He shares about his gradual realization and acceptance of his calling as an herbalist and a compulsion to follow that path. He also talks about deeper ways of learning, especially in relationship with a teacher – not just human but also plants.

John has a depth of wisdom that is really powerful so I hope you enjoy this episode!


Show Notes


Mam – indigenous people, language

Guidance/example to show us the way to go deeper into ourselves


            -indigenous people – helped to have a reference from a living person

                        -being non-judgmental and accepting (*what if we encountered more people with this approach rather than being reactive, afraid, or judgmental towards others and expecting that they will give us that?)

Motivation from helping others

            -watching others get excited, connect to nature

Being from somewhere

            -relationship to place

            -stories, plants, ancestors

            -love for place

Recognize humanity in each other

-Being seen, reflected authentic self


            “You have to experience it before you can know it.”

Saturn Return

Ashtanga Yoga

Psilocybin mushrooms – helped to see the contrast between where I come from (culture) and what else exists for humankind

            -helped to reflect clearly on self and where he came from


            -Find what inspires you

Allen Ginsburg – “First thought, best thought.”

“Even when we don’t think we’re learning something, when we’re in the presence of a true teacher, there are things that are coming to us even unspoken that you could argue are intrinsically meant for us or at least have a tremendous potency for us that in time, we will come to understand.”

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