Welcome to the Quality of Being Podcast website!  My intention with this podcast is to explore various topics around what it means to each person to create a successful life and what that feels like.  I have been a podcast listener for several years and while that has brought me a lot of insight, wisdom, and enjoyment, I felt there was something missing in what I was hearing.  I was hearing a lot about success and achievement from the people being interviewed, but it still did not really answer the question that kept coming up for me, which is: but how do you feel?  To elaborate, these are some other ways I think about that: what does it look like in your life when you are moving towards the achievements that you are most known for?  What is actually most important to you?  What does your experience feel like?  How do you handle depression, anxiety, self-doubt and other things that always come up in life?  I share this because our culture often focuses on the outward achievement and status rather than the process, which is something we all go through.  So often I hear about tips and tricks to “be more productive,” or “to have better focus,” or to help achieve one’s goals, but we do not hear about if that is actually what we want for ourselves and what is the sensation within us that will help produce an outward result.  

I’m more interested in defining success individually and then understanding how we can create an inner space for ourselves in which we feel present, rested and eager to do what we are excited to do in life and be in a way that is how we aspire to be.  

Through this podcast I hope to explore these questions and ways of being with people who I think embody this practice well.  I also want to emphasize that we are all “in process.”  Meaning, although some of us have achieved certain things, or have not yet achieved what we hope to, we are all in the process of moving towards our goals, growing and deepening our experience of life.  I intend to focus more on the behind the scenes aspect of the people on this show, rather than on any superficial milestone or contribution in their life.  That is also why I like interviewing people who have not yet achieved the goals that they have for themselves because we can see what it looks like to be on the path to getting there and not be so distracted by having arrived.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting and I hope this podcast supports you in some way.

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