Episode 002 – Rochelle Schieck

Embodying your wisdom

Today my guest is Rochelle Shieck, founder of Qoya movement system. After growing up practicing dance and yoga, Rochelle learned how to follow her heart and intuition which lead her to create Qoya and become a successful entrepreneur in a way that works best for her.

Rochelle has so much wisdom to share and has a great way of making anything she does fun.

I hope you enjoy!


Show Notes

“It doesn’t matter what it looks like and it’s all about how it feels.  The way you know you’re doing it right is it feels right to you.”

            -Training the feeling of what internal validation feels like

**Success is when you have the capacity to honor what’s true for you.

            -Success is staying true to yourself.  When I was making a decision, I stayed true to myself.

            i.e. something looks good on paper, but doesn’t feel right in someway.

            -We want how we think we’re going to feel when we get the thing.

            -“Let the challenge not be that you went against yourself, and let the blessing be that you recognized yourself, honored yourself, and lived a path that was truly yours.”

            Bhagavad Gita – it’s better to fail at your own path than succeed on someone else’s.

“If we have a bunch of people that gave up on the idea that they could embody their soul and stay true to themselves, what are the consequences of that that really ripple out to other societal problems where people are going against their true nature?”

Why we don’t know how we feel – exhaustion and numbness, busy

            -Can be difficult to move forward or choose a different path until you can give yourself time.

How do you create a space for deep inquiry?

            Daring to Rest, by Karen Brody

            1. Sleep! Notice how well your relationships go, creativity, quality of life, when you are exhausted

            -Rest until you’re rested

            Thrive, Arianna Huffington

            2. Find something that truly nourishes you and know that it will change


Caroline Casey – Visionary Activist show

            -follow your curiosity

Exhaustion – lack of sustainable practices

            -consequences are severe collectively and individually

Spirituality – feeling interconnectedness with all beings

            -More of a feeling

            -Contrast: ego experience – survival of individual identity

            “Get out of the compartmentalization of the ego mind and into the expansiveness and interconnectedness of life.”

            -movement, ritual (intention, prayer, make offerings back to the earth), community (being with people you enjoy where you can be yourself, explore yourself with honesty), pilgrimage (feeling called, traveling with an intention for the whole trip, being in the moment, Go to the place you feel called)

            Conversations with God, “Travel is like dance lessons from God”

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho – The world/universe conspires on your behalf when you follow your heart

How do you merge the remembering of who you are into this world?  And, isn’t that a fun experiment?

If the “soul” continues, wouldn’t honoring soul be one of the priorities of incarnation?  And can we correct either/or egoic thinking and say you can have both?

Trust yourself.

The mind fears failure, but the intention of the soul is to learn and grow.

It’s all valuable if we’re willing to look for the value.

Qoya, by Rochelle Shieck

  1. Instead of make it bigger, make it deeper.
  2. Don’t compromise your lifestyle.


Alberto Villoldo, Four Winds Society Link – Validation is best when it affirms something already internally held.

If there’s something you really want to do and you’re avoiding it, you haven’t made it fun yet.

Gratitude – the consciousness of acceptance and all that is

Everything that you’re seeking is seeking you. -Rumi

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